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For professional and FHA-approved property appraisers in Raleigh, NC, turn to Triangle Appraisal Group (TAG). 

A home appraisal in Raleigh is conducted to determine the value of a specific residential property. 

We provide quick-turn quality appraisals in the Raleigh, NC real estate market. We provide appraisals to homeowners, home sellers, buyers, and lenders.

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Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying

Peter Bimonte

Extremely flexible…On time, thorough and knowledgeable…I would recommend them for your next home appraisal without hesitation…5 Stars!

Peter Bimonte

Duwayne Evans

I can’t explain how thankful I am to have a such a wonderful appraisal company at my fingertips. They’re very professional and have fast response times.

Duwayne Evans

Maurice Ellis

I’m very pleased with the way Triangle Appraisal Group conducted business me Kevin was very professional explaining the process and walking me through everything

Maurice Ellis


In working Vicki and Amber, we were extremely pleased with not only how quickly our home + property appraisal was scheduled, but with how professionally the entire process was completed. And, it only took 2 business days for the appraisal to be created and sent to us.
I would highly recommend Triangle Appraisal Group to anyone seeking an experienced team for this service!


Stephanie Howard

From the minute, I called Triangle Appraisers to the day I received the appraisal report, I was extremely impressed! Vickie responded immediately to every question or request. This was the easiest most efficient transaction I have had with a business in years! I highly recommend this firm for any of your real estate needs!

Stephanie Howard

Alexandra Saywell-Wade

Triangle Apprasial Group was amazing to work with . They’re so knowledgeable of the housing Apprasial process, housing market. They are quick to reach out to you and have great customer service , punctual and give you a very Detailed report. I recommend them to anyone who needs an appraisal.

Alexandra Saywell-Wade

William Reid

This company was very prompt in answering my online request. Their evaluator was very respectful of our property. Very professional from start to end.

William Reid

Alyssa Baker

TAG has been so helpful and friendly ever step of the way. The appraiser was prompt and courteous. I would absolutely recommend!

Alyssa Baker

Deborah Jordan

They are professional putting the needs of customer first. Taking the time to listen, help you work through struggles. They also work in a timely manner. This is the best deal for meeting your needs. I am a valued customer.

Deborah Jordan

May Love

Outstanding appraisal experience. Expertise and timeliness exceeded expectations. Incredibly accommodating appraiser! Went the extra mile for my rent analysis as well. Impressive service. Thank you Matthew, Vicki and TAG!

May Love

Appraisals In A Timely Manner in Raleigh NC & Other Cities

With over 20 years of experience, our trusted team of qualified and skilled appraisers provides accurate and reliable appraisals of residential, which are essential for real estate transactions, equity splits, refinancing, and more.

Our Specialized Appraisal Services

We offer the following types of certified appraisals:

  • Residential Appraisal
  • Manufactured Home Appraisals
  • Rental Property Appraisals

Simple Appraisal Process By Certified Residential Appraisers Raleigh NC

First up, property appraisers research the local market, like property prices in the area, how quickly other properties have sold, and what amenities (such as schools and shopping malls) are in the area.

Next, a property inspection will take place, in which all the improvements that have been done on the property (this will positively impact the value of the property) as well as the damages to the home (this will negatively impact the value as a new owner would have to spend money to fix these) will be examined.

The home appraiser will look at the other properties in the area in terms of recent sale prices, and the general real estate trend in the area.

From litigation matters, equity splits, or real estate transactions, home appraisals are not only a prerequisite but also beneficial for several reasons.

Benefits Of Using Real Estate Appraiser Services

There are many benefits of having an FHA-approved home appraisal in Raleigh, NC, some of which include:

Accurate Real Estate Appraisals

Home sellers require appraisal services to establish the asking price in Raleigh. The real estate selling price will differ in Holly Springs as in Chapel Hill and other cities in Raleigh.

When someone puts their house on the market, at the price at which it’s been evaluated, they know that they are getting their money’s worth. Other clients, such as homeowners might be interested in understanding the value of their home and not necessarily to sell. Same as a potential home buyer might require appraisal services as a lender requirement.

Helps With Identifying Repair & Maintenance Issues

As part of the home appraisal process in Raleigh, NC, the home appraiser will conduct a very detailed inspection of the house. The process allows homeowners to concentrate on what may increase the value of their homes. 

Unresolved repair and maintenance issues can result in quite a costly affair for homeowners. Likewise, it can be a risk for potential home buyers.

Mortgage Lender Requirements

A mortgage lender will request an accurate real estate appraisal for financing or refinancing of any real estate.

Assists With Legal Negotiations

In the event of a divorce, the value of all of the couple’s assets needs to be assessed so that each party can get their share. 

An accurate real estate appraisal allows a fair assessment and report on the value of the real estate in question.

Appraising Real Estate in Raleigh

We have been delivering our appraisal services in Raleigh and other cities for close to decades. Serving our communities is something we believe in at TAG. We also offer our military clients a 5% discount on certified real estate appraisals.

Revitalizing The Home Appraisal Process

At TAG, we believe in delivering value-every step of the way. This is done through maintaining quick turn-around times, completing professional reports, and providing quality communication to our customers. TAG  utilizes today’s technology and strives to stay on top of technological advances in our field. With the support of technology, we have been able to create a team-like framework.  This aids in the efficiency of our reports and ultimately gets our reports in your hands- quickly, hassle-free, and professionally. Triangle Appraisal Group is the leader in home appraisal services in Raleigh, NC.

For assistance with real estate appraising, contact Triangle Appraisal Group today. From Holly Springs to Chapel Hill, we are the top appraisers in Raleigh.