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Step-by-step process for getting an appraisal –

#1 – You can make a phone call e-mail Triangle Appraisal Group and explain your situation.

For example: my mother-in-law has just passed away and my lawyer told me to get an appraisal (what do I do?) Typically this scenario would require an appraisal with a retrospective value typically the date of death. We would ask you to confirm this with the lawyer or we can do it for you. Many times other professionals will ask you to get an appraisal acting like you’ve done done it many times before. But the fact is you’ve never done it before so for this reason it can be overwhelming we can help you through the process.That being said the most important thing to establish is your reason for getting an appraisal. The reason for getting an appraisal and marketing time Which is different for different types of appraisals can affect the value of the appraisal.

#2 – Establish the purpose of the appraisal. Once that is done we can gather the appropriate information and give the client the appraisal they need.

#3 – Go over details

Type of market-When buying or selling a home or investment property it is important to know what is going on in the bigger picture (Real Estate cycle. Recovery, expansion, hypersupply and recession.) Is it a buyers market, sellers market, how long are homes staying on the market?  

#4 – Prepare for Inspection

Things to do before an appraisal: address any safety issues, make the house tidy, spruce up any peeling paint or missing doorknobs things that might happen a negative impact on value. Unclutter. The above things might help especially when refinancing. If you’re selling a home realtor is going to make sure the above and more is addressed.

#5 – Receive Appraisal Report back via Email

Triangle Appraisal Group Benefits:

1-Value from an unbiased Real Estate Professional that is accepted by the IRS, court system and financial institutions.

2-If you are a seller it could save you commission dollars especially in a sellers market.

3- Fair market value- is an estimate of the sale price of a property that a knowledgeable, willing and unpressured typical buyer would pay to a knowledgeable, willing and unpressured seller within typical marketing time for the area.