Professional Real Estate Appraiser Services

What is a Real Estate Appraisal?
Is the valuation of real estate or raw land. (Usually current market value). It can be but not limited to:
Retrospective value, liquidation value, current market value (which is usually the selling price that would be agreed-upon between a buyer and seller in a typical arm’s-length transaction.
With a marketing time of between one and 90 days. Marketing time can vary in different geographic areas and the sector of the market you are in as far as townhome, start a home, trade up home and luxury homes.

3 approaches to Value
1- Sales comparison approach 2-Cost approach 3-Income approach

The sales comparison approach is most commonly used for residential properties 1 to 4 family When do I need an appraisal-Typically if you are purchasing or refinancing you will need an appraisal in those instances and appraisal is ordered for you by the lender through a third-party.Reasons to get a private appraisal-Pre-listing, an all cash transaction,Hard money lenders,Bail bondsman, for sale by owner, distribution of equity (divorce or mediator), end of year real estate IRA, bankruptcy, inheritance (retrospective), a business partner break up, and a non-arms length transaction between friends or family members. Or whenever you would need a defined value by an unbiased third party.

We Do Appraisals For:

Family Residential Home

Income Producing Property

Mixed Use Dwelling

Horse and Specialty Properties