How To Get a Home Appraisal for Divorce

Mar 28, 2023


Are you considering how to get a home appraisal for divorce? We know that this can be a harrowing process, often filled with conflict and problems. Establishing a fair property value for the purposes of divorce is not the same as a normal appraisal. To do this, you’ll need to hire a licensed real estate appraiser who will include all the important details in the calculation for equitable distribution.

You can trust Triangle Appraiser Group (TAG) to work professionally and impartially to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties. This guide will help you through the appraisal process.

What Is a Divorce Appraisal?

How to Get a Home Appraisal for Divorce

When you divorce, the largest asset to be distributed is likely your home. A divorce appraisal is different from an appraisal for lending or financing. It is specifically undertaken to determine the current fair market value which will be divided in your final divorce agreement. This actual value of your real estate is required to negotiate a fair settlement between you and your divorcing spouse.

The two most common choices are to sell the residence and divide the proceeds equally, or to have one partner buy out the other. In either case, the attorneys and accountants involved in the divorce process will rely on the divorce appraisal when determining the actual value of your home. The divorce appraisal must be accurate for any mediation process, and be defensible in court during the divorce proceedings. This is why this process must be undertaken by licensed residential appraisers.

How Is a Home’s Worth Assessed During a Divorce?

During the home inspection and assessment process, two distinct amounts must be calculated. These are:

  1. The fair market value: This is the listing price, or what you could reasonably expect from the sale of the house, taking all factors into account. These include things such as:
    • Location.
    • The square footage of the residence.
    • The lot size.
    • The number of rooms.
    • Additional features and improvements.
    • Age and overall condition.
    • Recent comparative sale prices of nearby similar homes.
    • Current market trends.
    • Proximal amenities, crime statistics, etc.
  2. The net proceeds to be shared: This amount is determined by subtracting the outstanding amount owing on the home from the fair market value. The resulting net proceeds would then be divided between the divorcing spouses. For example:
    • The market value of the property is $700,000 and the outstanding mortgage amount to be paid off is $200,000.
    • The net proceeds to be shared would be $500,000.
    • If the split is 50/50, then you and your spouse should each get $250,000.
    • If one spouse wishes to buy out the other, then $250,000 would be the amount payable.

Sometimes divorcing spouses dispute the fair market value, particularly when one spouse wishes to buy the other’s share. The selling party wants a higher price, but the buying party may believe the value is lower. In such circumstances, each of the divorcing spouses appoints an appraiser, and the average between the two appraisals is taken as the fair market value.

Who Pays for Home Appraisal in a Divorce?

You may be wondering who pays for the home appraisal in the event of a divorce. The answer is that it depends. Every divorce is unique and has its own set of circumstances regarding the obligations of the spouses, and what is intended for the property post-divorce.

Some of the different scenarios are:

  1. In most cases, the divorcing couple will split the cost. This is usually about $250 to $500, depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the appraisal.
  2. However, if one spouse is unemployed, or a stay-at-home parent, then the spouse with an income would pay the appraiser. This is usually the case where there is to be an alimony settlement for the dependent spouse.
  3. If one spouse is intending to retain their equity in the home and buy out their soon-to-be-ex, then it is the buyer who pays for the appraisal in the divorce.
  4. If there is any disagreement about the fair market value, then each spouse may engage the services of their appraiser and pay them separately.
  5. In certain cases where there is a dispute, a judge may appoint an appraiser and assign the responsibility for payment to one or both parties.

Choosing Divorce Appraisers for Your Home

Divorce can be a messy business and dividing the marital assets is one of the top priorities. It makes sense to employ a real estate appraiser who specializes in the complex and sometimes tricky assessment process of home appraisal in a divorce. You and your divorcing spouse will want to ensure a fair division of equity and get the job done quickly and professionally. Choosing a real estate appraiser may be critical to your divorce case, and most family law attorneys can recommend trusted, licensed real estate appraisers

Here at TAG, we have nearly two decades of experience serving the best interests of our valuable clients. Our appraisers are highly trained, certified, and FHA-approved. Besides our extensive experience in mediation, distribution of equity, and retroactive appraisals, we understand all the emotional issues and stress that can accompany the sale of your home at the dissolution of your marriage. We offer you empathetic, accurate, and timely service to help you achieve a fair property settlement. Whereas some appraisers may take weeks to compile a report, we pride ourselves on our rapid average turnaround time of 3 to 5 days. We can even push it to 1 business day if requested.


If you have a question like, “How do I get my house appraised for divorce? ” It’s important to answer this question before ending your marriage. You need to be aware of the divorce appraisal process and how your home is assessed. This information will help you achieve a fair and equitable distribution of your property’s value.

If you live in the Triangle, Triad, Charlotte Metro, and Fayetteville areas, TAG offers you superlative services in real estate assessments. Our dedicated team will guide you through the complexities of how to get a home appraisal for divorce. Contact us for expert assistance today.