How To Prepare For A Home Appraisal: 7 Tips To Increase Your Home’s Worth

Jul 18, 2023

A home appraiser evaluates the condition and market value of a house. Generally, to be used for litigation purposes, real estate purposes, or simply to better understand the value of your home. 

In this blog, we provide tips on how to prepare for a home appraisal for an accurate valuation of your home. In doing so, you mitigate underselling your home or perhaps buying over market value.

Regardless of why you need a certified appraisal report – these tips will help your appraiser value your home at the highest and most accurate market value.

Tips On What To Do Before A Home Appraisal


Before you have your real estate appraisal booked, take a look at our 7 tips to ensure your home is appraised accurately and to your benefit.

1.Start with the exteriors of your house

Upgrading your landscaping from mediocre to great can boost the value of your house. Considering this, it is worth doing some garden maintenance and upgrades before you have your home appraised.

2. Declutter your home

An appraiser may find it challenging to determine the value of your home if it is extremely cluttered or limits access to parts of your home. An appraiser needs to have full access to each part of your home to deliver an accurate value of it.

3. Clean your house completely

Consider the house appraisal to be the most crucial showing at this stage because it is. Only show your house to the appraiser after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it.

4. Make minor repairs – the $500 rule

It’s a good idea to think of every house issue as adding up to $500, and that’s why it’s important to make simple repairs rather than putting them off. Minor problems like broken door knobs and light switches can lower the value of your entire house.

5. Prepare a list of your recent house upgrades

They’ll be able to see what you’ve accomplished thus far and how you went above and beyond to improve the condition of your property. Highlight updated features and possibly quality. This is where you can emphasize the quality of any improvements and upgrades that you may have done to your home. providing the estimated cost of improvements will also help deliver an accurate value of your property.

6. Examine your home’s foundation, roof, garage, and home systems

Check to make sure everything on your property is in functioning order. If things are not functioning properly, it would be in your best interest to resolve these issues before having an appraiser inspect your home.

Get A Trusted Home Appraiser For An Unbiased Home Appraisal Of Your Home’s Value

Your home can be properly valued by learning how to prepare for a home appraisal and how it works. These tips will help you achieve exactly that. 

For your home appraisal needs, get in touch with Triangle Appraisal Group right away. With fast turnaround and smooth processes driven by technology, you can have your certified home appraisal tomorrow.